Sneak Peek: New Products for 2014

lotion-question-mark-thumb-480xauto-1037Mont Echo is excited to release FIVE new products this summer! Featuring unique ingredients that pair magnificently with our Canadian Sea Buckthorn, these new products expand our current skin care line and are sure to become customer favourites.

Here you’ll find an exclusive sneak peak at the exciting new products, coming soon to our online boutique and a retailer near you!


FACELIFT SCRUB with Green Coffee Beans and Sea Buckthorn

This exfoliant, used once or twice a week, smoothes and refines skin texture. It unclogs pores and deeply cleanses by removing excess sebum without irritating sensitive skin.


MINERAL MASK with Quebec White Clay and Sea Buckthorn

A purifying mask, ideal for oily skin types. This mask absorbs impurities and excess sebum. Formulated with Quebec white clay, Sea Buckthorn floral water and Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, the mask is rich in calcium and magnesium and gently rids the skin of the residues, oils and toxins that clog pores. The addition of Jojoba extract and sea buckthorn floral water helps soothe the skin.


GENTLE MICRO-SCRUB with Bamboo and Sea Buckthorn

This gentle exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells and refines skin texture with fine grains of bamboo. Sea buckthorn fruit oil purifies and clarifies the complexion. Baobab pulp extract soothes and softens skin.


CREAM MASK – Nutri-hydrating Sea Buckthorn formula

This mask provides comfort and support for devitalized skin. The soothing formula restores the moisture balance of dry and dehydrated skin in just 5-10 minutes. Sea Buckthorn floral water and fruit oil capture and lock in hydration to smooth the appearance of fine lines and renew skin to reveal a glowing complexion.


GENTLE MAKEUP REMOVER with Sea Buckthorn Floral Water

A gentle cleanser that instantly removes water resistant and long-wearing makeup from eyes and lips. Formulated with sea buckthorn floral water to maintain hydration of the delicate area around the eyes and lips.

New retail locations!

The newly-designed Naturiste! Note the lovely display of Mont Echo products on the right.

Looking for Mont Echo products in your area? Our retail partnerships are growing fast and we are almost certainly coming to a store near you sometime soon!

Mont Echo will be sold at  the newly redesigned Naturiste shops, starting with select stores in June and increasing to other locations as the summer progresses.

Tau is also signing on for our 100% natural skin care line, and customers will begin to see Mont Echo products on their shelves within the next month.

We are expanding our presence in Brunet stores across the province of Quebec throughout the late summer and fall.

Finally, we have a number of fabulous new boutiques and estheticians ready to help you find the right Mont Echo products – just log on to and select “Where to Buy” to find out which shops are carrying Mont Echo now!

Mont Echo bio-estheticians will be doing live product demonstrations at many of these new stores, become a fan on Facebook or check our website often for details.

Notes from our Bio-Estheticians: Summer Skin Care

Romatic girl, beauty in natureThis summer you probably would like your skin to be looking young and healthy ! With warm weather fast approaching, we’re prepared to offer you some advice from our bio-estheticians.


The arrival of summer! (Early June)

About 2 weeks before exposing your skin to the sun it is important to do some preparatory treatments. First, you should exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times per week using our blend of Cleansing Cream and Seabuckthorn Facial Mask[1]. They allow you to rid your skin of dead cells and reveal healthy, glowing fresh skin. This step will ensure a uniform and healthy tan when you are out and about in the sun. For people who might have some spots, our Age-Defence Serum is the product for you. It has been clinically proven that to decrease the number of dark spots and hyperpigmentation up to 78% after 56 days of use (as part of the clinical study protocol).


The middle of the summer (July-August)

This is the period during which your skin will be most exposed to sunlight. It is therefore very important to moisturize. Start with the Toning Mist – your skin will soak up the moisture and the mist will soothe skin after long days in the sun. For a more calming effect you can even leave it in the refrigerator, it will be cool and help to calm redness. Use the Toning Mist in the morning to cleanse your face of impurities using cotton swabs (swap over the T-zone (chin-nose-front) to disinfect the area). Follow with the Age-Defense moisturizer which best suits your skin type (normal, dry, oily-sensitive).

Tip for the summer: our Age-Defence Gel for Oily-Senstitive skin is a fresh gel which is ideal as a moisturizer for normal skin during the summer season. It will leave your skin hydrated and silky thanks to the combination of sea buckthorn oils and jojoba.

One of the most important steps for any summer skin care routine is the application of sunscreen. Whether a full screen (which blocks all rays) or a solar filter (which allows some rays to pass through and enables the skin to tan) it is important to follow dosage and apply the cream every 90 to 120 minutes and when you exit the water. Another tip for beautiful skin: Our Sea Buckthorn Tea is makes a super iced tea, refreshing and rich in anti-oxidants that will help fight free radicals.


Late summer (September)

About 2 weeks after significant sun exposure, you will be able to start exfoliating. This will allow your skin to get rid of dead cells and clear the outer cell layer which is formed to protect your skin in the summer. As at the beginning of the summer, you should exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week using our mix of Cleansing Cream and Mask. It is also advisable to make a nutritious mask[2] by mixing your moisturizer and the mask. Age-Defence Serum will hydrate and nourish your skin which will be much needed in the approach of autumn. During the coldest days, our Age-Defence Cream for dry and mature skin will be your ideal companion.

Use our advice to achieve healthy and beauitful skin this summer. You can also complement your home care with professional treatments from our certified bio-estheticians (visit « Where to Buy » on to find the nearest esthetician’s office). The bio-estheticians have access to concetrated oils that provide extraordinary results. Click here to find retail outlets and bio-estheticians in your area.


[1] To exfoliate: Mix the equivalent of a tablespoon of Facial Mask, the equivalent of half a tablespoon of Cleansing Cream, and 5-8 sprays Toning Mist. Apply the scrub by rubbing in small circles for about a minute and let it dry. When dry (3 to 5 minutes), remove it by rubbing off in small circles until face is clean and rinse your skin with cool water. For the most sensitive skin, do not rub the scrub – just rinse with fresh water.

[2] For the mask: mix the equivalent of a tablespoon of Facial Mask, the equivalent of a tablespoon of Age-Defence Cream for your skin type, and 5-8 sprays Toning Mist. Apply on the skin, face and neck, avoiding the eye area for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water until completely clean. Spray Toning Mist and apply your Age-Defence Cream.

Meet Brianna!


I believe that beauty is a glow of energy. It’s the irresistible radiance that comes from our pride, affection, laughter and positivity. There is no right or wrong path, no mistakes, only a selection of routes to be taken. I value the people I’ve met, the memories we’ve made and the beautiful places I’ve been. It’s important to be happy and smile, smiles are contagious you never know when someone might need one… I believe that beauty is the reflection of your kindness towards others.

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Meet Lena!


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of natural beauty are the words “glowing” and “real”. Superficially, anyone or anything can be brought to the level of perfection, but sometimes this is at the expense of losing what is real about the person or object. Faking “realness”, however, is impossible. Glowing from is the inside out is what, in my opinion, makes a person real. Natural beauty of this kind cannot be constructed and collectively, imperfections give inherent meaning to natural beauty.

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Our first finalist! Meet Sheila…


Natural beauty is pure magic – an alloy of attitude, acceptance, navigating the balance of life, work, family, career, hobbies, and social responsibility.  Natural beauty is the essence of Mother Nature and Father Time all rolled into one.  Natural beauty is ageless, genderless, an amalgam of all races and cultures.  Natural Beauty is respect, energy, pragmatic optimism and belief in miracles, with a little of the unexpected on the side.  Natural beauty should be shared, aspired to, and particularly in this day in age of physical and psychological manipulation (surgery, Botox, societal pressures), what true reinvention and personal innovation are about…with lasting impact.

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Celebrate Natural Beauty this month! Meet our finalists and enjoy special offers online!

mobile_banner_10_ENMont Echo Naturels has launched our “Love Natural Beauty” campaign, which celebrates the true meaning of beauty throughout the month in honour of Valentine’s Day. The campaign features the faces of Mont Echo Natural Beauty Contest finalists selected from actual Mont Echo customers across southern Quebec with minimal makeup and no artificial styling or airbrushing.

The women will appear alongside their personal definitions of natural beauty, which are unique and powerful.

“Mont Echo is a company built on the belief that we don’t need to risk our skins for beauty,” states Creative Director Tamara Ensio. “This group of women spans an age range of over 30 years. Their backgrounds and careers are diverse; they are all at different stages of life. These are real women, real customers. We want to take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to encourage women to embrace natural beauty and not the artificial, photoshopped version that is so prevalent in our society.”

Along with the banners and ads celebrating Mont Echo’s faces of natural beauty, the company will be making their popular Skin Care Kits available online in February and unveling new packaging for the Sea Buckthorn Cream Cleanser. Facebook fans will have a chance to win one of the Kits, and online shoppers can look forward to several specials on hair and skin care.

Mont Echo’s hair and skin care products are 100% natural and clinically-proven effective. All of their products are made in Quebec and feature 100% Canadian-grown Sea Buckthorn, one of nature’s most powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Visit or to view the campaign.


giftsHi everyone!!

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Reverse time with younger-looking hair… naturally!

bigstock-Healthy-long-Hair-26539205The latest and greatest trend in hair care is Anti-Aging. Yup, that’s right. The same ingredients that help keep your skin looking young can and are being used in shampoos and conditioners to reverse the damage that aging inflicts on your luxurious locks.

In a lot of ways, your hair suffers much more than your skin as you age. Harsh environmental factors, chemical colouring and styling tools inflict extensive damage, hastening the onset of dry, brittle and worn out strands. Harpers Bazaar recently cited a study that claimed thick, shiny hair makes women appear younger, while dull and lifeless hair adds years to your look.

Frankly this news doesn’t seem like news to us. As natural beauty proponents, we have always known that taking care of your body also includes your hair. Sea Buckthorn does, after all, mean “Shining Horse,” a reference to the radiant hair of the horses that ate it. Sea Buckthorn is one of nature’s greatest anti-aging products, and all types of hair benefit from the omegas, vitamins and minerals present in its oils.

Unfortunately, healthy NATURAL hair care is even harder to come by than healthy, natural skin care. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons. Natural ingredients just do not replicate the foaming and cleaning sensations of chemical ingredients. If your product creates a huge head of suds in seconds, the odds are pretty good there are a lot of chemicals in there.

A recent interview with well-known organic formulator Dr. Barbara Olioso highlighted these challenges in developing natural hair care:

I am facing two main challenges—a human one and a technical one. The human challenge is the client and consumer expectations for an instant sensorial gratification, which are unrealistic for a natural product. This is hardly a surprise given the way synthetics are marketed posing as naturals. For example, argan oil is often promoted as the miracle worker, but the silicones that produce the glossy sheen on hair in these products are often not mentioned.

The technical challenge I came across was to find natural conditioning actives that could compete with the mainstream actives. Ultimately, the product had to sell to an audience with these unrealistic expectations, so I had to use a raw material that was not completely natural but gave good conditioning on the hair and had good biodegradability.

At Mont Echo, it took us several years to put together the right ingredients for an all-natural hair care line that we felt was effective and safe. We tried to balance consumer expectations with our high standards for efficacy and natural ingredients. We hope you are as pleased with the results as we are!

And here are a couple of special tips right from us for getting the most out of your natural hair care products:

1)   Always shampoo twice. The old rinse and repeat mantra has never been so important. Without the strong chemicals found in standard shampoos, most hair types benefit from shampooing twice. Since the formulations are so much more gentle, it won’t dry your hair to use more product!

2)   Leave your conditioner in as long as you can. Let it really sink into your hair and scalp before rinsing. The length of time should be dictated by your hair type as well, with thinner or finer hair generally requiring less time to drink up the conditioning ingredients than thicker hair.

3)   Treatment serums like our Hair Serum are oil-based, so experiment with them to find the right amount of product and treatment time required. Those with thinner and finer hair will find that less is more, and a good rinse after treatment is essential. Those with drier hair will find that their hair appreciates a heavier dose and a longer treatment time. Some even find that they can leave a small amount on all day with no rinse for a shine boost.

So don’t be afraid to try natural anti-aging shampoos and conditioners! Your hair will thank you for it, and you’ll feel even better about looking 10 years younger.