Mont Echo Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.


According to the World Health Organization, incidents of breast cancer have increased by 20% since 2008, with an increase in mortality of 14% – a particularly shocking figure in developed countries.

For most women, taking care of their appearance is important to their general well-being. Yet avery year, more research surfaces suggesting that the chemicals we absorb through skin care products are contributing to an increase in breast and other cancers. Mont Echo has been committed to providing consumers with alternatives to chemical-based beauty products since our inception, but we don’t just want to support safe cosmetics – we also want to actively contribute to the search for a cure.

For our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, our cousins, and our friends who are affected or potentially affected, give to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation every time you purchase one of our 7 flagship products:

  • Age-Defence Serum
  • Age-Defence Cream Original
  • Age-Defence Cream Aromatherapy
  • Age-Defence Cream for Dry/Mature skin
  • Age-Defence Gel for Oily skin
  • Age-Defence Eye Contour Cream
  • Sea BuckthornSkin Therapy Cream: Ultra-Nourishing

For every marked product sold, $1 will be donated directly to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.*

Look for the orange+rose ribbon on products at participating retailers, and in our online store.

With your donations, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is able to make investments and deliver services connected to all three parts of its mission:

  • Research Funding
  • Support for Women with Breast Cancer
  • Breast Health Promotion through Education and Awareness

Learn more about the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation here.

Where do your donations go?

Find a Mont Echo retailers near you here.

Shop online for Mont Echo products here. 

* Through February 28 2015

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