Sneak Peek: New Products for 2014

lotion-question-mark-thumb-480xauto-1037Mont Echo is excited to release FIVE new products this summer! Featuring unique ingredients that pair magnificently with our Canadian Sea Buckthorn, these new products expand our current skin care line and are sure to become customer favourites.

Here you’ll find an exclusive sneak peak at the exciting new products, coming soon to our online boutique and a retailer near you!


FACELIFT SCRUB with Green Coffee Beans and Sea Buckthorn

This exfoliant, used once or twice a week, smoothes and refines skin texture. It unclogs pores and deeply cleanses by removing excess sebum without irritating sensitive skin.


MINERAL MASK with Quebec White Clay and Sea Buckthorn

A purifying mask, ideal for oily skin types. This mask absorbs impurities and excess sebum. Formulated with Quebec white clay, Sea Buckthorn floral water and Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, the mask is rich in calcium and magnesium and gently rids the skin of the residues, oils and toxins that clog pores. The addition of Jojoba extract and sea buckthorn floral water helps soothe the skin.


GENTLE MICRO-SCRUB with Bamboo and Sea Buckthorn

This gentle exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells and refines skin texture with fine grains of bamboo. Sea buckthorn fruit oil purifies and clarifies the complexion. Baobab pulp extract soothes and softens skin.


CREAM MASK – Nutri-hydrating Sea Buckthorn formula

This mask provides comfort and support for devitalized skin. The soothing formula restores the moisture balance of dry and dehydrated skin in just 5-10 minutes. Sea Buckthorn floral water and fruit oil capture and lock in hydration to smooth the appearance of fine lines and renew skin to reveal a glowing complexion.


GENTLE MAKEUP REMOVER with Sea Buckthorn Floral Water

A gentle cleanser that instantly removes water resistant and long-wearing makeup from eyes and lips. Formulated with sea buckthorn floral water to maintain hydration of the delicate area around the eyes and lips.

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