A Taste of the Harvest Festival!

It’s the last weekend of the Mont Echo Sea Buckthorn Harvest Festival – don’t miss your opportunity to taste the delicious special Sea Buckthorn menu items offered by the restaurants of Knowlton, available through August 28th!

Le Relais’ table d’hôte has received rave reviews – we especially enjoyed the Brome Lake Duck with Sea Buckthorn glaze, Mussels with Tequila & Sea Buckthorn, and the Pork Tenderloin with Ice Cider & Sea Buckthorn sauce. Star Café has brought back last year’s popular Sea Buckthorn & Goat Cheese bruschetta, while L’Écho des Saveurs has a refreshing Sea Buckthorn smoothie for the last days of summer. The Sea Buckthorn & Chocolate fudge at La Vie Sucrée is a unique sweet treat for chocolate lovers. Diners at Knowlton Marina can taste Sea Buckthorn vinaigrette on their salads dock-side and CafÉ Floral is offering a constantly changing selection of savoury and sweet Sea Buckthorn-inspired dishes all day – including Sea Buckthorn, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato soup – yum!

Le Relais
286 ch Knowlton, Knowlton
Lunch, Dinner; Sea Buckthorn Lunch menu items, Full table d’hôte featuring Sea Buckthorn

Star CafÉ
291a rue Knowlton, Knowlton
Lunch; Goat cheese and sea buckthorn bruschetta

CafÉ Floral
Lakeside, Knowlton
Breakfast, Lunch, Snack ; Muffin, soup, salad, fish, poultry and much more

L’Écho des Saveurs
5 Mont Écho, Lac Brôme
Snack, Lunch; Sea Buckthorn smoothies and lunch menu items

La Vie Sucrée
30 Lakeside, Knowlton
Snack; Chocolate Sea Buckthorn fudge

Knowlton Marina
78 Benoit, Knowlton
Lunch, Dinner; Sea Buckthorn salad dressing

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