A successful Growers’ Association meeting – and a preview of Harvest Festival 2011??

Mont Echo Naturels hosted the 2011 meeting of the Quebec Sea Buckthorn Grower’s Association (APAQ) on Saturday, July 9. A record crowd of almost 100 people showed up to experience Mont Echo’s Boutique, Interpretive Centre, and affiliated Sea Buckthorn Orchards. The Star Café of Knowlton catered the event with incredible food featuring Mont Echo gourmet products; esthetician Veronique Picard spoke about the amazing benefits of Sea Buckthorn for the skin and gave free consultations to attendees; and Maplehurst Farms – creator of Mont Echo’s gourmet line – designed a stunning Sea Buckthorn cheesecake for dessert. We are pleased to report that the meeting was a huge success and everyone young and old seemed to enjoy themselves enormously.

We hope that you enjoy these photos from the day – they are a preview of what’s to come during Mont Echo’s annual HARVEST FESTIVAL in August this year! You too can receive a Sea Buckthorn skincare consultation or even a facial, enjoy Sea Buckthorn on the menus of almost every restaurant in Knowlton, and tour a working Sea Buckthorn Orchard. Visit www.festivalmontecho.com to learn more about this year’s Harvest Festival events!

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