Spring is here and Mont Echo is nationwide!

Spring seems to have arrived at last out here in the Eastern Townships. We’re not discounting the possibility of additional snow but hopefully what does come won’t stick around. It seems like overnight the grass is green and some of the trees are budding. Daffodils are blooming and the birds are nesting. Of course, spring also means copious amounts of mud and mosquitoes but frankly we’re just thrilled that we can leave the house without 33 layers of jackets, scarves and sweaters.

The Sea Buckthorn orchards have recognized the signs of spring as well and the trees are coming out of their winter dormancy. Now is the time to repair fences that were damaged by heavy snow and wind, to prune the trees, and to smooth fields and prepare for mowing. Mont Echo’s Sea Buckthorn growers use no herbicides, pesticides or hormones in their fields and much work goes into orchard management to make sure that this year’s crop of superfruit is as nutritious and plentiful as possible.

We’re certainly going to need lots of those little berries to make enough product to supply all of Canada with Canadian-grown Sea Buckthorn skin care. That’s right, all of Canada! Mont Echo is now in partnership with Natural and Organic product distributor CLM Health Group (www.clmhealth.com). Starting this summer and through the fall, you will start to see Mont Echo in more stores across the country. We’re excited to be working with such a great company and we hope more of our customers will benefit from being able to find Mont Echo products in their local health food store. Mont Echo’s products will continue to be hand-made here in Quebec, right next to our family Sea Buckthorn orchards. We will also continue to use ONLY Canadian-grown fruit. And we continue to be committed to creating the highest quality Sea Buckthorn skin care in Canada.

So, Happy Spring to everyone across the country – and keep an eye out for Mont Echo products in your local health food store!

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