Harvest Festival 2010!

Mark it in your calendars— Mont Echo’s first annual Sea Buckthorn Harvest Festival is coming on August 21-29 2010!

This summer we’ll be hosting our first Sea Buckthorn Harvest Festival to celebrate the harvesting of our Sea Buckthorn fruit at our family farms. The festival will feature a number of special events and activities in both Sutton, the home of our family Sea Buckthorn farms, and nearby Knowlton (Lac Brome), where Mont Echo’s flagship Boutique, Sea Buckthorn Interpretive Centre, and offices are located.

In Sutton, we’ll be arranging tours of our Sea Buckthorn orchards to enable the public to see mature, fruiting trees and to pick their own fruit to take home. We’ll be posting the tour schedule on our website in the next week or two so that those interested can choose a tour and start signing up. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up early!

At our Mont Echo Boutique at 70-72 Lakeside in nearby Knowlton, we’ll be offering free skincare consultations with an esthetician, spa treatments featuring our Mont Echo Sea Buckthorn Bath & Body skincare products, and special product packages. We’ll also be partnering with some of our favourite restaurants and cafes in the area in order to give patrons a taste of Sea Buckthorn. Mont Echo will provide berries and/or juice to several local restaurants to enable them to develop and serve a dish featuring our locally-grown Sea Buckthorn during the week of our Harvest Festival.

And finally, we’re planning a Media and Retailer day to enable our media contacts and family of retailers to experience the Harvest Festival, including orchard tours and spa treatments!

For further information about our Harvest Festival, contact us at 450.243.5777 or argousier@mont-echo.com, and be sure to check our website (www.mont-echo.com) for updates. We will be posting new information about the Festival on our website in the coming weeks, including details on how to sign up for an orchard tour and book an appointment with our esthetician for treatments.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

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