Mont Echo Naturels: A Local Company

Mont Echo Naturels is firmly rooted in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. We’ve been here, on our family land at the base of Mont Echo, for four generations.

Our land at the foot of Mont Echo

Quebec is home. It’s easy to see the province’s appeal: wonderful culture, picturesque villages, friendly people and breath-taking scenery abound here. And perhaps nowhere is this more true than in our part of Quebec, the Eastern Townships.

The Eastern Townships are located in Southern Quebec, just an hour from Montreal. It’s an amazingly beautiful area, with stunning scenery and so much to see and do. The Townships are full of history, arts and culture. And the fertile land means that the area is home to an amazing array of farmer’s markets, orchards, sugar shacks, organic farms, wineries, cideries, micro-breweries, and chocolatiers. And, of course, our Sea Buckthorn orchards!

The beautiful neighboring towns of Sutton and Knowlton (Lac Brome), located in the Southwest corner of the Eastern Townships, provide the perfect home for our company and our orchards. Our family homes, farms and onsite processing facility are located in Sutton, and our main offices, flagship Boutique and Sea Buckthorn Interpretive Centre are just fifteen minutes away in Knowlton. Each town has its own charm—Sutton boasts Mont Sutton, making the village a skier’s dream in the winter and a biker’s paradise in the summer, while Victorian Knowlton is located on the shores of Brome Lake, and enchants visitors and locals alike with its quaint architecture, waterfall, and central park.

We’re proud to be a part of both towns. And as a local company with a strong connection (personally, commercially, and agriculturally!) to the area, it’s only natural that our local community is very important to us. We try to give back as much as we can, by supporting town projects, charity events and other local businesses and by participating in local events and fairs. We even offer a Locals Discount to residents of Lac Brome in our Boutique in Knowlton.

Quebec is home, and we feel proud and privileged to be here.

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