Mont Echo Sea Buckthorn Orchard Tours: Coming Soon!

Sea Buckthorn Orchard at Mont Echo

Ever been to a Sea Buckthorn Orchard? If you’re like most people, probably not! Sea Buckthorn is still a relatively new plant in North America, and there aren’t very many orchards around. Yet as interest in this beautiful and powerful plant increases, more and more people are getting curious about how Sea Buckthorn is cultivated, nurtured, and harvested.

At our Mont Echo Sea Buckthorn Interpretive Centre and Boutique in Knowlton, Quebec, we meet lots of people interested in visiting our nearby family orchards. Though our orchards are normally closed to the public, this summer we’ve decided to offer limited first-come, first-served tours of one of the orchards. Led by an experienced guide, visitors will have an opportunity to walk through the orchards, learn more about Sea Buckthorn, and perhaps even pick some Sea Buckthorn berries. The tours will begin later in the summer, once the berries begin to ripen, and will likely be scheduled once a week or once every two weeks, depending on demand, weather, and our availability.

At the Mont Echo Interpretive Centre and Boutique, we’ve begun a sign-up sheet for those interested in joining a tour. If you’re from the area and would like more information about our upcoming Sea Buckthorn Orchard Tours, please contact us at

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