Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil – A Kiss from the Sun!

After another long winter, summer is just around the corner. That means barbeques, swimming pools and sunshine. And for many of us, the chance to exchange pale winter skin for a golden summer tan.

Sun and Surf

Sea Buckthorn oil can give you a healthy sun-kissed glow.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve that sun-kissed look, many of us bake in the sun, exposing our skin to damaging UV-rays and causing premature aging, dryness and breakouts, and or turn to tanning salons (tanning beds and spray on machines), which aren’t the best thing for our skin due to harmful UV rays, bacteria-laden beds, and toxic spray ingredients. Even self-tanning lotions, hailed as ‘safe’ alternatives to sun exposure, have been criticized as many of them also contain toxic ingredients.

So where does that leave us? Is there any way to achieve a natural, golden look without exposing ourselves to UV-rays or toxic chemicals?

Well, Sea Buckthorn fruit oil may provide a solution. Extracted from the Sea Buckthorn berry, Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is a vibrant orange to orange-red colour. It is highly concentrated and full of good-for-your-skin nutrients, including Omegas 6 & 7, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids. When used sparingly, it can make a great natural tint for your skin. Not only can it give you that coveted summer sun-kissed glow, but it also nourishes and protects your skin and delivers powerful anti-aging benefits. Sea Buckthorn fruit oil promotes regeneration of cell tissues, healing of wounds and burns, and supports and smoothes skin and mucous membranes. It’s even been used to help heal radiation burns.

Just add few drops to your regular moisturizer or facial oil and apply evenly into your skin. Just remember—too much undiluted fruit oil can temporarily give you an overly orange look—just a few drops are sufficient! And don’t forget, if the oil tends to stain your skin, it can also stain your clothing!

So this summer, get a gorgeous sun-kissed look without exposing yourself to UV-rays and toxic chemicals, and treat your skin instead. Whether used alone or under make-up, Sea Buckthorn fruit oil can give your skin the radiant glow of summer—safely, and with added benefits to your skin!

For more information about Mont Echo’s Sea Buckthorn fruit oil and how we extract our oils (we’re the first company in North America to commercially extract our own Sea Buckthorn fruit and seed oils—from our own 100% Canadian-grown fruit), please visit our website!