2010 Orchard Expansion

Spring has (finally) arrived to stay in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and at our family farms in Sutton, that means it’s time to plant.

Planting a baby Sea Buckthorn

Planting a new baby

We’ve been steadily expanding our family’s Sea Buckthorn orchards every year since planting our first four varietals in 2003. These first four varietals were imported from Finland and have thrived in Quebec in the 7 years since they arrived. Since then, we’ve continued growing the orchards with cuttings and runners from these original European varietals, and last year, we added two new varietals and 600 plants to our three family farms. This year, we’re expanding our orchards again– we planted another 700 trees this past weekend alone!

We’ve been busy all week preparing the fields for the new plants, ensuring that the fencing is secure and the ground is ready for planting. Without fencing, our animal friends would pounce on the baby plants. Deer and moles especially enjoy a good Sea Buckthorn baby tree feast.

With the fields and ground prepped, we’ve been able to get to work planting. Over the last two days, we’ve been out in the fields from sunrise to sunset. It’s tough but rewarding work. The new plants are thriving, and we look forward to watching them grow!

Next up for the farms is the tea leaf harvest, beginning in June. We look forward to sharing more about the orchard work in the coming weeks.

New Sea Buckthorn Fields

Babies newly planted in the field

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