Beauty Really Does Come from Within: The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Internally and Externally

The phrase “beauty from within” has many connotations. A generous and kind spirit has long been associated with “internal beauty”, but what many people do not realize is that “external beauty” actually comes from within as well. Proper nourishment of your body from the inside out is required to achieve truly beautiful and radiant skin.

Research indicates that Sea Buckthorn can play a pivotal role in treating your whole body to bring out the best in your skin. With both internal and external applications, this superfruit is the jumping off point for a 360° approach to skin care.

In addition to a stellar nutrient profile, Sea Buckthorn has many extraordinary benefits: the fruit is rich in antioxidants, it boosts energy levels, it aids in detoxification, and it has antimicrobial, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  A mixture of fruit and seed oils has been shown to reduce inflammation in the various mucous membranes of the body due to the high levels of Omega 7.  Further, Sea Buckthorn is a great treatment for the gastrointestinal tract.  An unhealthy digestive tract can lead to all sorts of problems including poor digestion, absorption of minerals and nutrients, a compromised immune system – and even skin disorders.  Yes, Skin Disorders!

Studies have shown that Sea Buckthorn fruit oils can aid in the treatment of dermatological diseases and both oils can be used as great skin cleansers. And if you suffer from Rosacea or acne, Sea Buckthorn may be your answer! In fact, Dr. Oz, of “The Dr. Oz Show”, just reported on a recent episode regarding “How To Pop a Pimple,” that Sea Buckthorn is a great anti-inflammatory that should be used for problem skin.

Taking Sea Buckthorn internally is both nutritious and delicious!  Experts recommend adding a few drops of Sea Buckthorn oil to salad dressings, smoothies, teas or any other beverage to boost the nutritional value.  Mont Echo’s Sea Buckthorn Tea is a very satisfying and tasty beverage containing load of nutrients for the leaves of the plants – calm your tummy and your skin!

You can treat your hair and skin externally with Mont Echo’s natural line of Sea Buckthorn products, including a Facial Moisturizer, Hand & Body Lotion, Healthy Hair Serum, Cleansing Toner, and Lip Treatment.  Mont Echo’s entire line is formulated with our 100% Canadian-grown Sea Buckthorn seed oil, fruit oil and hydrosols to ensure that you receive all the benefits of the extraordinary plant.  Mont Echo’s Sea Buckthorn plants are grown with love on sustainable farms without the use of herbicides and pesticides. This is only part of our commitment to ourselves, our clients, and our planet.

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